East Wind

East Wind
Genre: Non-fiction
Publisher: The Berean Call
Length: 240 pages
ASIN: 1928660371
ISBN: 1928660371

Nine years in a Soviet prison camp would seem an eternity to most of us. For Maria, it was an investment in eternity... A true story of survival and courage in the death camps of Stalin's Gulag after World War II.

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About the Book

East Wind is the incredible story of Maria Zeitner Linke—of her indomitable spirit and courageous faith as she faced the death camps and prisons of Stalin’s Russia. “Only one who has felt the nearness of death can truly be grateful for each new day, no matter how much suffering it might bring.” Thus speaks Maria Linke, survivor of nine years’ imprisonment in the death camps and prisons of Stalin’s Russia following World War II. There have been many “God is faithful amid the horrors of war” stories, and although East Wind fits this description, it is far more than just another war story. The unusual aspects of Maria’s life make this book so arrestingly different. The winsome portrait of a childhood lived on the banks of the Volga River as the daughter of a wealthy pre-Revolution German industrialist . . . The tragedy of banishment to Siberia and life among the nomadic tribes there . . . The flight from a burning Cossack village and escape to Germany during the Russian Revolution . . . Teen years in lively Berlin . . . World War II and her work as an interpreter in the labor camps of Germany . . . Her arrest as a spy by the advancing Russian armies . . . Miraculous escapes from death . . . Romance . . . The infamous Waldeheim trials . . . And transcending it all, the rare sense of humor that could find laughter in the most horrible of circumstances. East Wind is a powerful book. Historically, its scope is broad. Spiritually, its impact is tremendous. It will be a long time before you find another story that will move you as much as Maria’s.

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