Time for a New Start?

The starting line. Photo by Braden Collum.

Okay, I confess: Several years ago, I created a new author website with a blog. Somehow, though, I never seriously committed to writing that blog on a weekly basis. Oh, when I did add a new post, I appreciated the comments people left. But life got busy. I became a caregiver for aging parents. The blog slipped down the list of priorities. You know how it goes.

This week I’m committing to a new start. Each Wednesday (assuming I’m alive and not in a coma), I will add a new post to my blog. It might be an update on my writing, or an observation on life, an inspirational thought, or something else. But whatever the topic, I invite you to share it with me and then to jot your own insights in the comments. By making this commitment and exercising self-discipline, not only should I sharpen my skills in capturing thoughts in words, but you and I can share friendly connections and encourage one another, too.

Yet, even as I make this fresh commitment, I’m already wondering about you friends. Chances are, I’m not the only person in the world who let a one-time idea slide. If so, maybe you’d like to make a new start, too? One person might resolve to read at least one chapter of the Bible each morning. Another might decide it’s time to begin one healthy change in daily eating habits. Yet another might commit to reading one book a month. Or to bank some money each week. Whatever. If there’s something you would like to begin but simply haven’t started, I invite you to join me and make a new start this week. 

Of course, making a public commitment can be daunting. If I miss a week, some of you will email me: “Uh, Rick, where’s that blog post for the week?” But that’s okay. If I miss, go ahead! Because sometimes even the sincerest commitment can use a little encouragement from friends!

4 thoughts on “Time for a New Start?”

    1. Thanks for dropping by and reading, Jude. I may not blog every week for the rest of my life, but I believe it will be beneficial foe, at least.

  1. This challenges me, Rick. After letting things slide it’s easy to think “why bother, nobody will notice,” but that’s not the reason to restart. It’s more for ourselves to discipline, to create, to share
    Thanks for the nudge.

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