Christian Fiction Readers! You’re Invited to a Book Launch!

Hello, reader friends!

What does the September 14 release of my new book, The Next Fithian: An Ordinary Teen on a Strange, New World have to do with you? To help the book make a bigger splash, I’m recruiting friends, relatives, and avid-reading strangers to join a limited-time book launch team. Interested?

What in the world is a book launch team?

The main goal is to quickly reach Christian readers (especially young adults) with news of the new novel and accumulate at least 25 reviews on Amazon. Any book that is getting reviews looks more promising to potential readers than a book with only none.

What will the launch team do?

If you reply that, yes, you are willing to participate, I will email a FREE, no-obligation digital copy of the book in whichever digital format you choose (epub, mobi, pdf). This is your chance to read The Next Fithian in advance of everyone else. After that, I hope launch team members will do 3 things:

  • Write a short, honest review to be placed on Amazon, B&N, or another e-tailer sites—thumbs up, thumbs down, or “so-so.” (Don’t pretend to like the book if you don’t. But even a lukewarm review contributes toward the 25.)
  • Help spread the word about the book. This can be in person or on any social media sites. 
  • Share ideas and brainstorm additional ways we might further expose the book to readers. I’ve created a private Facebook group, “Rick Barry’s Next Fithian,” and will invite anyone who decides to help out. There, I will share insider information about the book, and you all can share fellowship, jokes, memes, and your own ideas for introducing others to The Next Fithian. I’d also like to have drawings or prizes for active Fithian Launch Team members. I want this to be fun, not work!

How exactly do we “spread the word”?

I’ve created a list of ideas from other authors’ launch teams. If you become a Next Fithian Launch Team member, I’ll email you the list. No idea is hard, but you pick & choose whichever ones you’re willing to do. (Examples: Post a photo of the book to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever. Or email your library to recommend they buy it for the collection. Even simple efforts can reach many eyes.) I’ll provide the list of ideas plus graphics. You simply choose whichever ones you like and do them however you want.

Is this really worth my time?

I don’t expect to earn a ton of money from The Next Fithian. That’s not why I wrote it. But today’s young believers enjoy entertainment brimming with action, adventure, excitement, and danger (e.g., Marvel movies). But they also need clean, inspirational stories with a positive role model. By promoting The Next Fithian, you’ll be nudging them toward a faith-filled adventure starring a relatable Christian teen. This book is more than just an exciting adventure. It’s a story that ministers to hearts. 

Victoria S., a teen volunteer reader whom I’ve never met, declared this about the hero: “Rankin is exactly the kind of protagonist we need—he’s mentally, emotionally, and spiritually mature; intelligent; and compassionate.”

How long will my commitment last?

I imagine most of the ideas on the list will take only a minute or so to do. Still, we’re all busy. So let’s plan to wind down around September 18. (Or whenever we hit 25 reviews on Amazon?) Only you decide how often you’ll plug the book and how. Some days you might be too busy or forget. I understand.

Can I share this invitation with a friend?

Absolutely! Feel free to share this invitation with any believers who enjoy reading. Especially if they might like Marvel-type action & adventure stories with a wholesome twist. If they accept, they, too, can get a free ebook and join the Fithian Launch Team.

How do we contact you?

Easy. Use the Contact form on my author site:

Questions? Feel free to ask. But for now, THANK YOU for considering this invitation to join my Fithian Launch Team!


~Rick Barry

P.S.! In case you didn’t catch my blog post, here’s a link to “The Next Fithian: The Story Behind the Story.”

Advance Review of The Next Fithian:
“I have to say, sci-fi is not my usual pick; however, I’ve loved the author’s previous books, so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad that I did! The ‘ordinary teen’ approach is amazing as it allows people to put themselves in Rankin’s shoes and be challenged as well. Sure, we may not be transported to another dimension, but are we ready to “…give an answer always to every man that asketh…” in our everyday life? This book was a different sort of adventure, but a good one. Well worth the read.” –Stephanie Clapp, Booksprout

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