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Hi friends. This page is not about me trying to make a buck. I specially crafted each novel to give you something unique. As you read my stories, I want to engage your emotions. I want to plop you right beside my characters in the midst of danger and let you experience their fears and heartbreaks, but also their hopes, their faith, and their victories.

Nothing pleases me more than notes from readers saying they just had to keep turning pages. Especially when readers write, “I don’t normally read this kind of book, but I’m sure glad this time I did!”

Ready to learn more? Click a cover to see a description. If you decide to buy, there are links to the books at online vendors. If you like what you discover, please tell others!

Blessings to you!

– Rick Barry

Methuselah Project S.O.S.
The Methuselah Project
Gunner’s Run
Kiriath’s Quest
The Next Fithian: An Ordinary Teen on a Strange, New World